see. think. act.


How do you program electronics systems correctly and transparently? Why doesn’t a system control unit work and what do we have to do to make it work? These and other skills are what Pascal is learning in his vocational training to become an electronics technician in industrial automation in Friedrichshafen. Installing and commissioning highly complex industrial systems as well as programming, testing and maintaining those systems will be among his responsibilities after completing his training. These often involve complex problems to solve. “This is fun for me, even if you sometimes have to think about it longer before finding a solution,” says Pascal about the challenges he faces in his training.

“Electronics technicians working in industrial automation make sure that individual components form a complete system that works automatically.”

How he came to ZF:

During an internship in industrial automation, Pascal discovered a fascination for the field. After finishing high school and attending a vocational school for electronics, he began his training at ZF, which he is really enjoying: “The opportunities for further education and training here at ZF are outstanding.”