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GlobalCareersWhat's Next? Join ZF Employee Stories E-Mobility
GlobalCareersWhat's Next? Join ZF Employee Stories E-Mobility
The Generation Next of E-Mobility The Generation Next of E-Mobility
CareersWhat's Next? Join ZF Employee Stories E-Mobility

“Generation Next @ ZF“

Expertise and passion are required for “Next Generation Mobility,” whether it’s about efficient electric drives of the next generation or software and mechanics. Get to know your future colleagues or apply directly!

The engineers of our “Generation Next @ ZF” have one thing in common: they shape the mobility of tomorrow. Diversity is part of the program! For the technical solutions of “Next Generation Mobility,” we rely on the enthusiasm of graduates as well as the experience of professionals. We also offer attractive career prospects and the resources of an industry leader. The extraordinary team spirit and the good feeling of being able to contribute commitment and knowledge to significiant changes are a matter of course for ZF – because empowerment is part of the ZF corporate culture. Find out more about the experiences of our “Generation Next” engineers.

E-job employee insights

Kai’s story

Kai’s story

Kai Wang’s career path at ZF began in 2015. After successfully completing a six-month onboarding in Schweinfurt, he started working as a project manager in the e-mobility division in his home country of Shanghai, China. After five years, his path led him back to a ZF location in Germany and since then he has been fulfilling the position of System Developer at ZF in Schweinfurt. Kai chose this career path because he has always been interested in realizing his potential in a future-oriented field.
It’s exciting for Kai to work in an innovative field in which he can achieve personal growth and self-fulfillment — ZF provides all the necessary resources for this. Not only are the hardware resources important to Kai in his work environment, but also the human resources: what he appreciates most about his job at ZF are the exchanges with his international colleagues. Through the comprehensive expertise and know-how of his team, he always has the opportunity to experience something new, acquire new knowledge and grow as a person.
"ZF is one of the few companies that can deliver an entire e-drive system.”

Esther’s story

Esther’s story
Esther Schuerr began her career at ZF in 2011 as an e-mobility function developer. Over the past ten years she was able to successfully rise to the position of team leader in software coordination, overseeing a 12-person project team. Esther really appreciates that anyone has the chance to occupy higher-level positions at ZF. As a project leader she has already had the opportunity to develop an innovative temperature model for a sensor and to extensively test all its new functions.
In Esther’s profession, no two days are the same - and that’s exactly what she loves about her job. Esther was always interested in technical details, and she chose her career path at ZF to gain access to benchmark technologies. She is especially grateful that ZF trusts her skills and supports her with resources and an experienced project team.
What she finds most exciting about her work is that e-mobility is future-oriented and that at ZF, cutting-edge technologies are always at her disposal.
“E-mobility requires flexibility to find creative solutions.”

Marielena‘s story

Marielena‘s story
Marielena Garcia started her career at ZF Mexico in 2017 as part of the "ZF Global Trainee Program". After successfully completing the 15-month program, the mechatronics engineer moved to the development center for electromobility in Germany - the center of "Next Generation Mobility". As a systems engineer for power electronics, she was able to realize her potential with state-of-the-art test benches, high-tech laboratories and many innovative projects.
Marielena is particularly enthusiastic about the career opportunities and development possibilities that ZF offers as an employer. Here, advancement is tailored to individual skills and wishes, so that Marielena has felt she was in the right place at every point in her career.
In the meantime, she has risen to the management level. She now coordinates the project teams in series development, thus contributing to the ZF Group strategy of "Next Generation Mobility".
“I'm fascinated when my work on e-drives takes shape.”
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Further Stories

"It's just nice to work on a meaningful, innovative product. I think it's great to actively shape the future of e-mobility together!"

Morteza Djebeli-Sinaki has been a member of the ZF team for nine years and works as a software and function developer in the field of e-mobility on applications ranging from pedelecs to large commercial vehicles.
He is particularly enthusiastic about experiencing a product that was created on a PC on the road as a team - functional and locally emissions-free.

"ZF offers me the opportunity to take on responsibility early in my career – even in electromobility, a technology of the future. That's why I'm proud to be part of the ZF team."

Marcel Hanisch started at ZF in 2012 as a dual student in the field of electrical engineering. Since 2018, he has been a technical project manager in the field of power electronics.
He is excited when individual elements are assembled into a complete system, put into the vehicle, making it visible how an inverter works in operation and what energy is in an electric motor, including the power electronics, extreme currents and extreme voltages.

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E-Mobility is not your specialty? Become part of the "Generation Next @ ZF" anyway - and contribute your know-how in development, research, IT, production or business administration.

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For us, the focus is not only on the goal, but also on the path. The "ZF Way" describes our corporate culture - and how we want to travel the road to "Next Generation Mobility".

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Whether 800-volt technology, silicon carbide-based power electronics, or energy management systems: ZF is at the forefront of all e-mobility technologies. We electrify everything, from e-bikes to electric trucks.