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How do we produce technologies for hybrid/electric drives at marketable prices? And how do we calculate the individual components necessary to make them? That is Dhanashree´s job in the Project Purchasing Department, which is part of the Automatic Transmissions Business Unit in Saarbrücken. She currently works on the Electric Future Transmission Project, which develops concepts for electric and hybrid drive solutions. With all the technological advances this project involves, the special challenge of her job is to constantly monitor what it will cost. To this end, Dhanashree is developing a detailed plan and defining purchasing strategies, milestones and target costs.

“I love the daily challenges. They help me grow not only professionally, but also personally.”

How she came to ZF:

Cars have fascinated Dhanashree Kad from the time she could walk. She found out early on about ZF because her father worked for an Indian automotive manufacturer and swore by the parts from ZF. She studied mechatronics and began working as a trainee at the Indian ZF plant in Pune. After stints in Friedrichshafen and Shanghai, Dhanashree ended up in Saarbrücken. “My trip around ZF has been very exciting so far,” she says. “Not only have I gained a very good overall sense of the company, I have also established a strong global network of friends and colleagues.”