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What materials does ZF need for production facilities in the Region of Asia-Pacific? How do the commodities get there? By land, sea, air or rail? How, where and how long can they be warehoused? These are the questions that Chen, who works in the Freight Purchasing Asia-Pacific Department (SPNF3 Dept.) in Shanghai, deals with every day. He supports and coordinates the daily logistics routes and handles other associated activities in the region’s plants. Chen is particularly focused on streamlining reporting processes and information flows.

“At ZF, I don’t have to sit in front of a laptop all day, instead I can be on the move and communicate with a lot of people.”

How he came to ZF:

After completing his degree in “International Economics and Trade” at Shanghai University followed by studies in “International Business” at the University of Technology in Sydney, his path led him directly to Logistics at ZF. After a 15-month internship here, Chen had become very familiar with the world of ZF and, after completing his degree, got his first full-time job with the company. “I have always worked in purchasing and this position aligned perfectly with my studies,” explains Chen, a passionate sports fan. He started out as a contact buyer exclusively for ZF China, but later switched to the commodity team for the entire Region of Asia-Pacific. “It is important to me to constantly grow and develop in my career and to never stop learning. That’s why this job suits me so perfectly. I’m always looking for ways to do things better.