see. think. act.


How do we best inform investors and analysts of ZF’s economic and technological successes? And what are the relevant data that should be presented at informational events? These are the questions that keep Investor Relations Manager Charbel busy in Friedrichshafen. In addition, he prepares presentation documents and maintains the investor relations website. He therefore shapes the image of ZF as both a borrower and as a capital market-oriented company.

“I’m excited by the range of topics and the fact that the people I talk to are from all over the world.”

How he came to ZF:

With an MBA degree in hand, Charbel began at ZF as a consultant for accounting processes and additionally headed an international project team in Friedrichshafen. In the U.S., he worked as an accounts payable manager in the Accounting Shared Service Center. After working in the ZF Car Powertrain Technology Division for some time, he returned to Friedrichshafen where he now works as the investor relations manager.