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How can traffic accidents be avoided? When a crash becomes unavoidable, how can the highest level of safety be ensured for the vehicle occupants and the damage kept to a minimum? Ahmed´s department Active Safety considers these questions when working on a new product, be it lights that automatically dim (automatic high/low beam) or software that generates hundreds of thousands of kilometers of virtual road scenarios to test new products. "Every day is different," says Ahmed, "and I love that, because it invigorates my mind." As a performance feature engineer, error correction and problem solving are his passion.

"ZF is characterized by its profound understanding of and unquenchable thirst for innovation in the automotive industry."

How he came to ZF:

When at college, Ahmed´s big dream was to work as an engineer on a development team in the automotive industry. After studying electrical engineering at Michigan State University, he made a conscious decision to go and work for ZF in Detroit: "The company is a powerhouse of innovation. I love being able to play a part in the changes we drive here."