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Further Opportunities

Take the first steps in your career with us at ZF. Be one of the first to work at the forefront of automotive innovation in a dynamic market. With a strong focus on international development, both within the company and through our products, the opportunities presented to students to work across different markets and product lines are endless.Students at ZF are in the driver’s seat of their career. Our student placements offer real, hands-on experience that helps build upon their university education, previous training and acquired skills. Our hope at ZF is that we can help you grow your talents, so that you are a thriving innovator within the industry.
Ambassador Program

Are you interested in marketing, public relations, human resources, employer branding or business? Are you eager to take on new challenges and complete established targets? If you’re in to all of this – we think you might fit perfectly in our Ambassador Program at ZF.

ZF Ambassadors are proactive students who support our student hiring initiatives and employer branding efforts by being our representation on your university campus. You will act as a liaison between ZF, the students and the university. Student ambassadors are able to take part in creating and executing recruitment campaigns, branding initiatives, company promotion efforts and more. We encourage our ambassadors to be our eyes and ears on campus with the students, while being a student themselves. We want to know what innovative ideas you have to help propel ZF forward.

We offer our ambassador program in Poland, ( ambassador program application for Poland ) Germany and the U.S. Please consider, that we select our ambassadors internally e.g. from co-op students in the U.S. and interns in Germany. Programs can vary from country to country.