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Techmotion@ZF is a series of events for different target groups in different countries on technology trends.

Learn more about ZF as a global leader and establish contacts with Technical and HR Experts.

TechMotion@ZF in Aldenhoven

Latest technology by ZF for commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery

The fifths version of TechMotion@ZF once again had a lot in store. This time, the focus was on the latest ZF technology in the area of commercial vehicle technology. In order to experience all aspects of this topic, all participants met on a test track in Aldenhoven, near Aachen, on July 1.

24 prospective engineers have been chosen to exclusively participate in this event and to get the opportunity to view ZF from a different angle.

Getting to know ZF products

The students had a perfect start into the day with an exciting presentation. It showed on the one hand what ZF is currently working on and what is planned for the future. On the other hand, the latest technologies were presented

Experiencing technology first hand

To add some practical experience to the theory, the next item on the agenda was the highlight of the day. Very much to the delight of the students, they could drive and test different vehicles on the test track – from the electric city bus to a truck.

In addition, different stations impressively showed what ZF has enabled so far with its technology and where it is installed.

After a joint lunch, the students could intensify their contacts to ZF engineers and HR representatives during an HR talk. Thus, the day was a memorable event for all participants.

TechMotion@ZF in Auerbach

The fourth TechMotion@ZF event took place at the Auerbach location in Upper Palatinate. Control and power electronics as well as sensors and gearshift systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles are produced here for the automotive industry. During 1.5 eventful days, 17 students were able to discover ZF as an innovative and worldwide leading automotive supplier.

Getting to know each other during a joint dinner

On the evening before the event, the participants already had the opportunity of meeting ZF employees in a pleasant atmosphere and making the first contacts. The dinner took place in a restaurant with a friendly atmosphere in Bayreuth which is located nearby. At an Info Market on the following day, different exhibits were presented and in this context, the focus was on software, hardware, mechatronics and power electronics. During a creativity competition, trendsetting ideas around the topic of connectivity were developed. Team 1 that took the best approaches to the solution received great prizes.

Visit to the production facilities and test drive

ZF engineers were on hand to answer the students' questions during the visit to the electronics production. The participants had the opportunity to experience ZF from up close during the following test drive in the ZF innovation prototype which combines advanced electromobility with new lightweight approaches. During the entire event, the participants always could chat with engineers, HR staff, and ZF trainees and to learn more about the company.

TechMotion@ZF in Friedrichshafen

Thanks to the focus on technology, TechMotion@ZF in Friedrichshafen provided the ideal opportunity to become acquainted with the research and development activities as well as the broad product range of an innovative, globally-operating automotive supplier. A total of 36 female engineering students took part in TechMotion@ZF in Friedrichshafen on the banks of Lake Constance.

Starting with a relaxed evening meal

The event was launched with a relaxed evening meal on Thursday. In doing so, the ZF female engineers and HR managers were able to get to know one another and establish initial contacts. A creativity competition took place on the following day where solutions for current challenges in the field of driveline and chassis technology were developed and wonderful prizes were won. During a tour of the R&D center, ZF engineers were on hand to answer questions and show the students their working world.

Off to the test track

As the best way to experience ZF products is to view them up close and in action, the next step was to fasten seat belts and get going. After a joint lunch, the group went to the ZF test track where the students were able to test drive trucks as well as various passenger cars. Throughout the day and within the context of an interactive information market, the participants repeatedly had the opportunity to speak with ZF trainees, engineers, and HR employees and to learn more about the company.

TechMotion@ZF in Shanghai

The region Asia/Pacific represents very important markets to ZF as a global automotive supplier, and TechMotion@ZF could not miss the chance of being there! The last event of the series will be in ZF (China) Investment Co. Ltd. in Shanghai and starts on November, 20th at 4 p.m. and ends on November, 21st at approx. 5 p.m.


No.889 Jiujing Road Jiuting Town,Songjiang District Shanghai 201615, P.R.China

上海市松江区九亭镇九泾路889号 邮编: 201615

Kick-off with an informal get together

The event begins with a dinner where the participants and ZF staff can get to know each other in an informal environment. After dinner, students will be guided to a hotel to relax and get ready for the next day. All the transportation, dinner and hotel will be organized and covered by ZF.

Creativity, R&D and test vehicles

The second day of the TechMotion@ZF in Shanghai offers a practical experience of ZF’s R&D. The participants will be challenged to think outside the box regarding current driveline and chassis technology topics in the same workshop used to stimulate ZF engineers’ creativity. In addition to the workshop, a tour through the R&D facilities will give an insight on how ZF products are developed. In the afternoon the students will experience the test vehicles with ZF products and interact with engineers, international trainees and HR staff to build a solid network.


TechMotion@ZF is for Bachelor students in the third semester or higher and Master students in their last year as well as PhD students from all engineering courses.

To join the event, please send your CV in English to until October, 31st.

*Please note that most of the program will be held in English.

TechMotion@ZF in Pilsen

A total of three events are planned in 2014 in the context of TechMotion@ZF. TechMotion@ZF began on April 10 in the Czech city of Pilsen, where ZF Friedrichshafen AG operates an Engineering Center for Electronics, Design/Engineering, and Calculations. 30 international students from the most diverse fields of engineering were invited and, as a result, had the unique opportunity to get to know ZF and gain a real insight into the rapidly expanding R&D center in Pilsen.

Together with HR managers, the students were given the opportunity to share their experiences in terms of their own career planning and to establish contacts for starting a career at ZF in the future.

The highlight of the day was the creativity competition that demanded exceptional ideas and innovative designs from the participants. A further highlight awaited the winning team: They were invited to the Corporate Headquarters in Friedrichshafen where, as part of a guided tour, they became acquainted with the origin of the company and had the opportunity to work closely with ZF engineers and one of the international postgraduate trainees.

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