ZF Kunststiftung | Regional Promotion of Culture

The ZF Art Foundation has been taking the responsibility it shares for the inhabitants of the Lake Constance region very seriously for the past 30 years. From 1990 through 2019 it promoted nonprofit institutions that sustainably enrich and shape the cultural life of the Lake Constance region. For its 30th anniversary the Foundation approved a new promotion concept, which will lend a sharper focus to the Foundation's activities in future while also opening up new audiences. The primary objective is to hone the Foundation's profile by focusing on its activities as an operating foundation. As part of this new approach to promotion, the ZF Art Foundation will devote its energies entirely to its own operating business from 2020, reinforcing the two successfully established projects ZF scholarship and ZF Music Award, and initiating a new project. Together with the associated partner projects, all three operating projects run by the ZF Art Foundation will continue to guarantee a strong presence in the region.