Pulls Ahead of EveryoneThe ZF Innovation Tractor 2016

Fingertip maneuverability, easy connection of implements (SafeRange and Hitch Detection), and ability to overcome any gradient, even with a tractor-trailer combination, thanks to the additional electric drive unit (Traction Management).

For the first time, ZF has included an off-highway application in their innovation prototypes with the Innovation Tractor in 2016.

Switching trailers made easy

SafeRange and Hitch Detection

The SafeRange function can be used to remotely control the Innovation Tractor and trailer within sight. All the relevant driving and steering commands can be intuitively given using a tablet. A total of six cameras on the rear and roof of the tractor provide the necessary visual information of the surroundings, which can also be displayed on the tablet.

The function can do even more, which is particularly useful when connecting implements: Thanks to "Hitch Detection", the Innovation Tractor uses a camera to detect the exact position and angle of the relevant agricultural implement or trailer, and automatically approaches to connect. The system interrupts the process as soon as a person appears between the tractor and implement.

Total Traction Force

Traction Management

An electric wheel head developed specifically for use in agricultural and construction machinery is located in the trailer of the ZF Innovation Tractor. The principle of the electric drive close to the wheels has already been implemented by ZF for some time now in their electric portal axle for city buses. The all-electric additional drive unit in the Innovation Tractor is supplied with power from the generator module of the ZF TERRA+ transmission, making a constant power of 60 kW possible.

The all-wheel-drive function of the tractor and the electric boost function from the single-wheel drive on the trailer interact and complement each other, delivering optimum traction management. The tractor-trailer combination can overcome routes where standard vehicles and trailers would fail: Routes that offer little grip due to wet or loose surfaces or even gradients of up to 30 percent.

Further Information on the ZF Innovation Tractor

What is behind the ZF Innovation Tractor?

Gerhard Gumpoltsberger, Head of Innovation Management at ZF, explains on-site the technologies in the ZF Innovation Tractor.