EcoLifeFor every day, for every route

High-performance and economic

More performance coupled with better economy – ZF’s Ecolife commercial vehicle transmission squares this circle. This six-gear automatic transmission, deployed in urban and long-distance buses, even in coaches, but also in special-purpose and rail vehicles, is perfectly attuned even to high levels of torque. It transmits up to 2,000 Nm (1,475 lb-ft) and is fitted with the new topography-dependent TopoDyn Life shift control system as standard. The ZF EcoLife will in future also be available in a hybrid version. ZF is thus accommodating the requirements of present and future exhaust gas standards as well as the demand for further CO2 and fuel savings. Until hybrid drives attain a greater market breakthrough, it is particularly important to consider which technologies can bring immediate savings, even in the conventional powertrain.

Powerful and universally applicable

In all driving situations, the engine output is used optimally; high torque ensures the bus can move off dynamically, while the integrated primary retarder provides effective braking. This preserves the service brakes and protects the environment thanks to fewer brake dust. EcoLife is also economical in terms of noise emissions.

In addition, the transmission increases the vehicles resale value because EcoLife slots in perfectly with the bus’s new life – irrespective of whether that entails servicing grueling urban routes or long-distance transport.