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Company summary

ZF Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, ZF Japan) is the Japanese subsidiary of ZF Friedrichshafen AG (hereinafter, ZF). Established in 1915 and headquartered in Friedrichshafen, Germany, ZF is one of the top 100 German companies and also among the top 3 automotive parts suppliers worldwide*1. Celebrated centennial in 2015, ZF operates 230 production companies in 40 countries with 138,000 employees as of December, 2015.

ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology, and has built a research and development, production, sales and service network around the world and has provided advanced technologies to automotive manufacturers worldwide. Its sophisticated innovative technology is valued not only to passenger and commercial vehicles but also to various fields such as construction machines, agricultural machines, railways, marine vessels, wind power generator, just to name a few. Recently, the company focuses further on automotive technology development in e-mobility, hybrid, lightweight solution, and networked vehicle, and contributes to the establishment of sustainable society for human, vehicle, and environment.

ZF Japan has established in 1980 as a development partner with Japanese OEMs. The company is continuously growing and has introduced latest value-adding technologies by co-development with Japanese manufactures. Our advanced engineering and high competence support global activities of Japanese customers. With ZF’s divisions, Car powertrain technology, Car chassis technology, Commercial technology, and Industrial technology provide wide range of product portfolio in fuel economy, safety, and comfort for vehicles and industrial applications. Together with ZF’s innovative engineering, ZF Japan’s capability enables to respond promptly to customer requirements. The company’s strategic approach is to grow further business focusing transplants to support Japanese manufacture’s global activities; ZF Japan will serve as a growth engine for worldwide business of the group.

Motorsports is another focused area to demonstrate the technical excellence of ZF products. Since 2013, ZF has been the official partner of Super GT, the ground touring car racing attracting the highest number of motorsports enthusiasts in Japan. ZF’s robust and high-performance products are equipped in the racing cars. Furthermore, ZF is involved in a wide range of motorsports activities from providing products to trucks in Dakar Rally to Student Formula with product and technical feedback for students for future talent in automotive industry.

With ZF group’s global footprint and extensive expertise in automotive technology established over a long company history, ZF Japan continues to serve our customer to meet and to exceed their expectations.

*1: Automotive News “Top 100 global OEM parts suppliers” by automotive sales (excluding tire manufacturers and tire sales)

Innovation of Great Value

At the moment, circumstances encircling the automotive industry are changing precipitously and with higher expectations and requests for safety, comfort and economic efficiency compared to the past, companies have an increasing role to play in society. In addition to environmental and energy challenges, the industry is facing further financial challenges. These come in the form of stagnancy in the market due to a downturn in the economies of the advanced nations, as well as an expansion in the scale of the market in developing countries/resource countries, and as competition in the global automotive market gets increasingly harsh, companies are required to follow a strategy of globalization in order to succeed. Globalization and increased competition have established supply and parts development outsourcing in the automotive industry in Europe. However, the ZF Group has joint development with various automobile manufacturers. ZF has effectively utilized a global development, production, sales and service network in the OEM business, satisfied a need for high product quality, cost effectiveness, reliability and flexibility and created many competitive and innovative product systems, represented for example by the double clutch transmission (DCT).

Furthermore, environmental protection is currently extremely important. The ZF Group has historically spent 5% of total sales on research and development and has continued to focus on developing various techniques to reduce CO2 and fuel costs, starting with a hybrid system. Although not unaffected by the worsening the business climate, we will retain investment in research and development in the future. ZF will positively promote technological development, will continue to provide valuable technological innovations to people worldwide and contribute to the realization of a rich and comfortable society.

The ZF Group is developing a global business in a multicultural environment. We have employees from all regions such as Japan, Asia and America at our German Head Office and we are working harmoniously with each culture to nurture our global personnel to share the values and innovative technology of ZF with our employees worldwide. With global teamwork, we are carrying out country-based and region-based business activities and as citizens of the earth would like to contribute to the realization of a sustainable zero-waste society.

We at ZF Japan Co., Ltd. aim to provide high quality “promptly and flawlessly”. We provide world-class technological products in production and systems development to Japanese customers. Furthermore, ZF Japan Co., Ltd. is continuing to work hard to increase its corporate value and also aims to construct reliable partner relationships with Japanese customers so that the ZF Brand is acknowledged as a premium brand with high parameters of safety, comfort, cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability.


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