ZF Part Finder AppSpare parts information in real time

The ZF Part Finder App allows customers worldwide to search the entire spares range from established ZF Aftermarket brands ZF, SACHS, LEMFÖRDER, TRW and BOGE.

All you need to search for a part is its reference number or the OEM. App content is also customized by country. Compatible with iOS, Android, tablets and smartphones, the new app is available in a variety of languages.

How to use the ZF Part Finder App

Find technical data on ZF Aftermarket brands ZF, SACHS, LEMFÖRDER, TRW and BOGE quickly and easily in the ZF Part Finder App.

All the content is clearly structured for fast, intuitive searching. There are several ways to search for spare parts.

The app user interface has three main components:

  • (A) Main Menu
  • (B) Search via Vehicle
  • (C) Quick access toolbar with Location, Article Search, Authentication and Settings tabs

Watch the short video clips below to explore the app functions and find technical data quickly and easily!

Step 1: Country and language selection

To customize the information you obtain, it’s important that we know the country and language for your request. So before your first search, make these settings so that you’re sure to find the right data:

  • First, open Settings. You can do this using the icon bar (at the bottom) or via the Main Menu (top left) (1)
  • Select your language and country (2, 3)

You can change these settings at any time. To open the Settings window, use the “hamburger” menu (top left).

ZF Part Finder: Search via Article

Search via Article finds parts quickly via a unique article number. This is the route to use if you know exactly which product you’re looking for.

  • Enter the article number
  • Select the article from the results
  • The article’s details are shown

Note: The available images and documents tab (3) can also be used to retrieve service information.

ZF Part Finder: Search via Vehicle

If you’re looking for parts compatible with a specific vehicle type, Search via Vehicle is the way to go. Enter the manufacturer and model, and the app will return a list of suitable parts.

  • Select the vehicle type
  • Specify the model
  • Select the article from the results

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