Clutchesfor Standard Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles

Regardless of whether a dual mass flywheel for heavy commercial vehicles and tour buses, ConAct or XTend, ZF Aftermarket is a worldwide leader for clutches on the spare-parts market.

SACHS dual-mass flywheel

SACHS clutches are developed according to the latest technological know-how and manufactured under the highest quality standards. They are installed as standard equipment in almost all cars produced by major automotive manufacturers. That is how they ensure greater efficiency during power transmission over the whole service life. The aftermarket also benefits from this quality.

ZF Aftermarket offers clutch parts for standard passenger cars and all kinds of commercial vehicles: In addition to pressure plate, disk, flywheel, dual mass flywheel, and XTend, ZF Aftermarket delivers clutch release systems as well. The clutch parts are also delivered as complete kits consisting of pressure plate, clutch disk, and clutch release. Pressure plate and disk are also available as replacement units.

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