Brakesinnovative range in friction

Brake parts from ZF Aftermarket deliver the quality you’d expect from years of experience delivering market-leading original equipment (OE) parts. Our manufacturing capabilities, quality commitment, innovation and extensive testing mean that our brake parts stand out.

Product information disk brake systems

Every major part of the disk brake system, from innovative TRW COTEC brake pads and low dust DTEC brake pads to premium quality brake disks and brake calipers are manufactured inhouse. We produce over 12 million brake disks every year, both for original equipment and the independent aftermarket worldwide.

As ZF Aftermarket is always at the forefront of innovation, our customers get the latest new developments in disk technology that make sure that they can get better service to more customers.

Product information drum brake and actuation systems:

Drum brake and actuation parts from ZF Aftermarket are characterized by quality of design, manufacture and materials. We put safety first and all our parts are rigorously tested on the bench, on the track and on the road.

From brake drums and brake shoes to wheel cylinders and time-saving fitting kits, our drum brake and actuation parts always match Original Equipment (OE) Manufacturer standards.

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