Increased Safety

Protect occupants and road users

  • Vision Zero Accidents
  • Consistent coverage in the active and passive safety chain
  • Reliable safety systems are critical for automated driving

Completely preventing traffic accidents or at least mitigating their severity are goals that ZF is pursuing with the most comprehensive safety technology portfolio in the supplier industry. The technological foundations for this include sensors, brakes, seatbelts, electronics or even chassis equipped with the active adaptive rear axle (AKC).

Based on these systems, ZF is developing intelligent assist systems that enable vehicles to not only detect risks sooner, but also faster and better than humans are able to do. Increasingly sophisticated airbags and seatbelt systems are helping to provide the best possible protection in cases of emergency. In terms of an integrated safety concept, ZF innovations work together to protect vehicle occupants, but also all other road users, as much as possible.

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