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ZF MarInteractive Technical Support and Product Information From ZF Marine

ZF MarInteractive

Whether you’re looking for new marine products from ZF for Pleasure Craft, Fast Craft, or Commercial Craft, finding your closest authorized ZF service and parts center, or downloading the latest product information – the ZF MarInteractive app offers all of this at your fingertips.
If you’re in the marine industry, and need specifications for ZF products on a regular basis, or just want the peace of mind from having ZF’s service network a touch away during your next voyage, it’s all at ZF MarInteractive.

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ZF Part Finder Instant Spare Parts Information

deTAGtive consumer Tracking of Personal Items Such as Keys or Baggage

Staying on top of things: Personal tags and the Openmatics deTAGtive app mean that you are always informed regarding the location of your personal items. The app provides immediate notification if tagged items are outside of transmission range. Driving to the supermarket without a wallet is now a thing of the past, for example. Searching for items also becomes easier as your mobile device shows you the distance to the missing item and displays its most recent position on a map.

Attach your Openmatics Bluetooth smart tags to any of your belongings, like your wallet, keys or laptop bag, and find them in an instant.

Simply press on the button in the app. Your tag rings if it's in the 15-30 meter Bluetooth transmission range.

For Transportation and Logistics: deTAGtive logistics Tracking of High-Value and Sensitive Goods

Once goods are loaded, neither the driver nor the forwarding agent or customer know what state they are in while in transit. This can only be determined with certainty once the trailer is opened or the goods processed further. By then, however, it's often too late for quick intervention, as temperature changes, collisions or incorrect lighting conditions have already damaged the loaded goods.

The deTAGtive logistics platform provides a welcome change: Now you can locate your goods and verify the condition of the freight anytime and anywhere in the world.

You are automatically informed of all important events. All this does not require expensive extra equipment, but only a standard mobile device as well as the Openmatics Bluetooth smart tags. The mobile app for smartphones and tablets allows you to use tags for wireless communication within a range of 30 meters. With the help of the app, the tags are easily configured by either selecting predefined profiles or determining individual sensor thresholds. You can readout stored events and verify the data at any time. If the app recognizes threshold violations, corresponding alerts are forwarded automatically via the data cloud to your mobile terminal unit.