Fit for the FutureDiversity Empowers Flexibility

The speed of innovation for commercial vehicles is increasing, and new technology is making the transport business more economical and sustainable.

Versatility strikes: The modular TraXon transmission system from ZF satisfies all these requirements.

Since their introduction approximately 15 years ago, automatic transmissions for heavy commercial vehicles have firmly established themselves – as an economic, reliable, and comfortable drive solution. Since then, the field of application in the logistics and transport industry has continuously changed. Today, more diversity is demanded. A transmission system must be suitable for both heavy long-haul and municipal vehicles at the same time; it must be just as good at refrigerated transport as it is on the construction site.

Fewer and fewer commercial vehicle fleet decision makers accept an “either-or“ solution. “As-well-as“ solutions are in demand: comfort and reduced consumption, less weight and more performance, higher service life and less maintenance – the commercial vehicle transmission of the future needs to combine all these features.

Flexible Construction Kit

ZF manages this balancing act with the TraXon automatic transmission system. TraXon combines a versatile basic transmission with a construction kit of drive components, an enginedependent PTO, and an anticipatory shifting software to create a flexible modular system. However, TraXon does not only score with its combination options. Each individual element contains innovations that make many additional functions possible with regard to market requirements.

At the heart of the new development is a basic transmission in a very compact design. The space-saving design and newly constructed gearsets make TraXon a new benchmark in terms of power-toweight ratio: The transmission that ZF offers with 12 and 16 speeds can transmit torques significantly above 3,000 newton meters. Moving a 60-tonne vehicle? No problem with TraXon. Not even in terms of setting off or maneuvering: The fine gear ratio spread preserves the single or double-disk clutch – and saves the shipping agency money. Special vehicles require a second reverse gear? Feasible with TraXon. The basic transmission is designed in such a way that end customers can even optionally order TraXon with a total of four reverse gears. When braking, ZF’s Intarder transmission brake supports all types of TraXon transmissions in a wear-free way.

Smooth and comfortable maneuvering of heavy Loads is much easier with TraXon Torque because this version contains a torque converter clutch in front of the TraXon basic transmission.

Hybrid and Dual Clutch for the First Time in a Heavy-duty Truck

Thanks to the hydrodynamic power transmission, crane vehicles or special transporters with their high input torques can set-off without any wear and maneuver precisely. As soon as the speed is increased, a clutch bypasses the torque converter so that the driving power is transmitted mechanically. This is significantly more efficient.

Until now, the catchword ‘hybrid‘ has been primarily linked to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. However, the latest studies show that a parallel hybrid system is also worthwhile in long-distance haulage. ZF is putting this into practice: With TraXon Hybrid, the basic transmission is combined with an electric motor. Its performance of 120 kW also contributes to the fuel economy of a 40-tonne vehicle: By means of a startstop function, recuperation of braking energy, supporting the “combustor“ (boost mode), or by means of purely electric driving.

Another TraXon version focuses on better cost effectiveness. Utilizing a dual-clutch module, TraXon Dual opens up completely new opportunities for truck manufacturers, allowing them to equip their vehicles with extremely long rear axle ratios. This technical solution, which reduces both engine speed and fuel consumption, increases the shifting frequency because the vehicle has to downshift into the next-lowest gear, even when dealing with slight uphill gradients. With TraXon Dual, these upshifts and downshifts take place under load - i.e. without without an interruption of the tractive force - and are hardly felt by the driver: Saving fuel really can be this comfortable.

The Shifting Strategy Already Knows the Route

The GPS-based PreVision GPS driving strategy that ZF offers in combination with TraXon transmissions is truly groundbreaking. Thanks to GPS data and digital map material, the transmission control unit selects the gears in the same anticipatory way as attentive drivers who know the route like the back of their hand: Upshifts that make no sense due to an upcoming uphill gradient are not performed.

Thanks to PreVision GPS, TraXon promptly shifts into a lower gear that provides sufficient engine power and speed in case of long routes that become increasingly steep. PreVision GPS perfectly addresses the new rolling function of the TraXon transmission: Even when dealing with small downhill gradients, the control unit shifts into “neutral“ and the engine only runs at idling speed. As a result, the truck is, on average, more economical and faster, which, in view of the extremely long routes in the field of longdistance haulage, can have a positive effect on the transport capacity.TraXon from ZF is the answer to all current questions in the transport and logistics industry. ZF developed it in order to meet the future requirements of the industry by reconciling contradictions.

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