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NMV Engine-Dependent PTO

The engine-dependent module for special applications.

The engine-dependent module for special applications. Whether in fire-fighting vehicles, concrete pumps and mixers, or in flushing and sewage vehicles: The PTO is an independent module that can always be shifted even in on-load operation and withstands the highest loads and stresses – of course, also while in continuous operation.


  • Engine-dependent operation
  • Transmission gear shifts in PTO operation are possible while driving
  • Extreme robustness/loading capacity up to 2 000 Nm
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • High service life thanks to DynaDamp vibration damper
  • Additional, clutch-dependent PTOs possible
  • Compatible SAE-1 interface

Product Details

Universally applicable PTO

Engine-dependent PTOs are arranged between the engine and transmission and are always driven directly by the engine via a special coupling and can be activated and deactivated while stationary or during travel, and even when loaded. Applications: High-pressure pumps for fire-fighting vehicles, sewer cleaning and suction vehicles, drilling devices, concrete mixers, and concrete pumps.

Irrespective of the clutch actuation status, this module ensures quick readiness for use for the most diverse applications. In doing so, this module is characterized by superior load capacity – even in continuous use.

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