ZF Technology in Commercial Vehicles

Manual Transmission

Ecolite for Light Trucks

Proven in delivery traffic

Delivery traffic poses very significant challenges to both driver and vehicle, especially in congested areas. The ZF-Ecolite manual transmission is perfectly suited for use in light trucks and, thereby keeps the supply chain functioning.


  • Manual shifting - easy and precise
  • Fully synchronized basic transmission
  • 6 gear steps
  • Servoshift support
  • Light and compact design
  • PTOs possible

Product Details

Economical transmission system for light trucks

"The ZF-Ecolite transmission proves its high level of performance on our streets thousands of times every day: Low mass, suitable gear ratio spread, and excellent operating smoothness guarantee efficient operation with optimum vehicle comfort. "

The smooth-running gearshift device and state-of-the-art synchronizer packets relieve the driver. Thanks to its robust design, the manual 6-speed transmission achieves a long service life combined with low maintenance requirements.

The compact aluminum housing, an integrated clutch bell housing, and the weight-saving gearshift systems all reduce the curb weight of the vehicle and increase the payload.

Important for use in city centers: The transmission noise is well below the statutory limit values, additional encapsulation is unnecessary.

Overview of the current versions of ZF's manual transmissions Ecolite

Input torque
(Nm / Lb/ft)
Ratio spread
6 S 700 TO6700 / 5166.02 – 0.79; R 5.58
6 S 800 TO6850 / 6276.58 – 0.78; R 6.06
6 S 1000 TO61050 / 7746.75 – 0.78; R 6.06
Product Overview:Truck and Van Driveline Technology (PDF, 2.9 MB)

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