Safety Included.For Cargo

Ensuring that commercial vehicles are safe on the road is not just a question of the individual abilities of the drivers. More and more, it is also becoming a question of the system. Therefore, experts demand safety technology that is always available, no matter who is behind the wheel.

Heavy loads at relatively high speeds and with many passengers: When looking at the topic of the driving safety of trucks and buses, the risks are obvious. Especially since commercial vehicles often have a very high center of gravity and possess large areas that are exposed to wind.

In order to eliminate potential risks for drivers, passengers, and other road users, there can never be enough safety technology on board. Safety technology does not have to be complex; the availability of such technology offers added value, even when subjected to strict economic analysis.

CDC 1XL - Always a Perfect Road Grip

Based on this concept, ZF develops chassis components and systems for more safety in the field of road transport. After all, the chassis, which is the connection between the vehicle and the road, is everything in terms of arriving safely.

An example is the CDC 1XL electronic damping system – the cost-optimized rear axle version of the proven continuous damping control from ZF. Thanks to integrated sensor technology, CDC 1XL reduces the amount of work for wiring and installation in the vehicle. With the concept of CDC 1XL, the ZF engineers made use of the fact that the rear axle load on trucks varies severely depending upon how heavily loaded they are. However, conventional dampers are designed for a full payload. When traveling with an empty or half-loaded truck, the characteristic curve of the damper is usually too hard. This means that an adaptive damping system only located on the rear axle is highly beneficial. It reduces roll and pitch motions and improves the overall handling. And when traveling with half load on poor roads, the risk of vehicle wear and transport damage drops.

Independent Suspension ITS 80 F - More Comfort and Improved Handling

ZF offers the ITS 80 F independent suspension for truck front axles. It is designed in a weight-saving way and combines safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. With this range of benefits, the ITS 80 F makes the idea of independent suspension highly acceptable, even in the cost-sensitive logistics business.

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