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Customers all over the world trust ZF products for commercial vehicles: Manufacturers install them into their vehicles, and end customers such as shipping agencies or municipal transport authorities equip their fleets with them. As a global Group, ZF is present in all markets.

The market for commercial vehicles has become more global in recent years: With the economic boom of the emerging markets in the Far East and South America, there has been an enormous demand for buses and trucks. Manufacturers from Europe have built up locations in these regions but new, local manufacturing brands have been created there, too. They all require proven driveline and chassis technology.

Global Footprint, the Door Opener

With its global presence, ZF has seized these market opportunities in recent decades. For instance, the manual 9-speed Ecomid transmission is produced at five locations on three continents. This is because the demand for reliable driveline technology for use in distributor trucks or municipal vehicles, for instance, is comparable on many markets and can be met by Ecomid. Where that is not the case, it is essential to meet the individual market requirements by means of special development work. ZF also embarks on this path. “Design-to-market” is a daily reality at the eight global ZF main development locations.

Global presence has now even developed into an important competitive advantage for ZF. Today, the Group benefits from its production expertise that can be called upon worldwide. For some projects, ZF is awarded contracts in Europe because the Group is able to supply global model platforms – anywhere in the world.

It is not only manufacturers who rely on the “long arm” of ZF. The service network of ZF also makes life easier for the customers of these manufacturers, who often expressly order ZF technology for their vehicles: With over 650 service partners worldwide, ZF offers standardized quality almost anywhere in the world. The expertise of ZF really counts, especially when it comes to complex servicing or repairs. With its comprehensive service expertise, ZF does not allow supply gaps to occur: Alongside spare parts or consumables – such as transmission oil – ZF Services also offers special servicing programs for fleet owners, training courses for customer workshops, as well as complete technical documentation.

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