Integrated Electronics

Safety Domain ECU (SDE)

Safety domain ECU: example of electronics integration

The company’s latest and most powerful class of control unit – the Pro AI safety domain electronic control unit – is an example of electronics integration. The safety domain ECU is a flexible integration hub that integrates a number of chassis, suspension and advanced driver assist system control functions into a single unit.


  • Supports AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System Architecture)
  • Includes high-performance microcontrollers and an open software architecture
  • Supports advanced vehicle dynamic control and automated driving functions
  • Allows integration of software modules from vehicle manufacturers and third parties.
  • Increased sensor inputs, with higher levels of data fusion between them.
  • Provides arbitration between chassis systems (calling for much more processing power).
  • The electronic architecture has the flexibility to cope with different combinations of active safety and chassis systems and functions with different fitment rates.

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