Power Electronics

Power electronics

Key components for greater efficiency in the driveline

Developments in automotive technology are increasingly centred around the electrification of the driveline, regardless of whether the focus is on hybrid drive or electric drive technology. ZF is a one-stop supplier of modular, scalable systems in this area. Our extensive product range includes everything from complete hybrid systems and specific subassemblies to individual components such as inverters or DC/DC converters.


  • Scalable hybrid systems for different performance classes
  • Standardized system design speeds up the process of designing and developing different versions
  • Controlling all conventional electric motors – both electrical asynchronous motors (ASM) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSM).

Product Details

Designed depending on the application

Electronic expertise is in particularly high demand for hybrid technology. In the case of a parallel hybrid system, where an electric engine, power electronics and a battery all supplement the combustion engine, the actual fuel economy is determined not by use alone, but also by the perfect interaction of all the components.

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