Steering Components

Electrically Powered Steering – Belt Drive

Belt drive electrically powered steering for C segment vehicles to full size trucks

Belt drive electrically powered steering system features a modular design for C segment vehicles to full size trucks with up to 18kN rack load. This technology supports CO₂ reduction, fuel economy and automated driving.


  • Industry-leading steer feel in application segments
  • PMAC motor with low rotational inertia
  • High efficiency belt drive
  • Low friction and low lash ball screw mechanism
  • Electric power pack - highly integrated compact design with high accuracy control capabilities
  • ASIL D compliant ECU
  • Flexibility for co-developed or customer-specific algorithm or software module implementation and/or integration

Product Details

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Belt drive EPS systems by ZF, offer premium performance power steering solution for C segment vehicles through to full size trucks with up to 18kN rack load. The technology provides CO₂ reduction and fuel economy (compared to hydraulic powered steering) as well as high-availability architectures to support automated driving features.

The Belt Drive System features a fully integrated steering gear with built-in packaging flexibility and option to mount either inboard or outboard configurations.

  • Helps to ensure continuation of operation after failures by adding redundant hardware and software features in line with growth of ADAS and Automated Driving (AD)
  • Hardware redundancy of important elements of the Electrical Power Pack (EPP) such as: torque and motor position sensors, motor winding and driver stage - configurable to meet application needs
  • Helps to reduce occurrence of sudden loss of assist, offering improvements in system availability compared to conventional EPS products (down to 1FIT)