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The clutch-by-wire system can even be used with manual transmissions to enable the coasting function or hybridization. These features can contribute to lower fuel consumption and emission levels.


  • Coasting function helps reduce fuel consumption and emission levels
  • Hybridization of manual transmission possible
  • Upgrading the manual driveline with possible functions, such as
    • Emergency brake assist
    • Traffic jam assist

  • Optimized clutch pedal forces, as there is no longer a mechanical connection between the diaphragm spring and actuation system
  • Easy integration of clutch-by-wire actuator into an existing manual driveline

Product Details

The technology

In a clutch-by-wire application, the clutch is opened or closed with a clutch actuator. The position of the actuator is specified by a position sensor on the clutch pedal. The driver can control the vehicle intuitively just like a classic manual transmission. In situations where combustion engine torque from the vehicle is not required and the driver takes his foot off the accelerator pedal, the system detects this situation and opens the driveline automatically. The engine now either continues running at idle speed or may be turned off, dependent on the system. When the driver presses one of the pedals, the driveline closes again depending on the situation. Torque can now be transmitted by the clutch again.

The task

Clutch automation can be one of the possibilities for meeting the future requirements of legislation with regard to reducing fuel consumption and emissions. For this purpose, ZF offers a clutch actuator with integrated control electronics, software and therefore the required functions. An optimal system for the end consumer can be developed and coordinated thanks to control of all the necessary components.

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