Damping Systems

CDC® - Continuous Damping Control

CDC® - damping for more driving safety and comfort

Continuous Damping Control solves the conflict between driving safety and ride comfort by setting the damper - and uncompromisingly. Whether fully loaded or only with the driver, the CDC®-system adjusts the optimum damping wheel-individually according to the driving situation.


  • Greater safety thanks to optimized wheel damping
  • Enhanced driving comfort and dynamics, e.g. during lane-change
  • Reduced roll, pitch and vertical motion
  • Precise tracking during acceleration
  • Superior handling
  • Improved cornering stability
  • Shorter breaking distances thanks to better road contact
  • Continuous adjustment in real time

Product Details

The Technology

A central control unit calculates the ideal damping forces for every individual wheel using the vehicle data determined by sensors. The CDC ® system adjusts in compression and rebound the optimum damping within a range of characteristic curves from hard/safety-oriented to soft/comfort-oriented. A vehicle-specific characteristic adjustment can be realized via the valve system, depending on customer request.

CDC® with sensor cluster technology

Body acceleration sensors are no longer exterior but rather integrated into the ECU. Sensor data are still compiled centrally and evaluated, as in the external system. Damping is adjusted within milliseconds on the basis of these data.

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