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AKC® - Active Kinematics Control

Improved agility by AKC®

The capability to steer the rear axle has advantages in almost every driving situation. It increases your ability to drive through narrow streets, it would give you a tighter turning circle. It gives more confidence driving at higher speeds on winding roads and at very high speeds it increases vehicle stability.


  • Unique influence on vehicle handling
  • Improved maneuverability at low speeds, smaller turning circle
  • Increased vehicle stability at high speeds and accident avoidance
  • Economical and safe solution by using a modular kit system and a serial control unit
  • Available in two variants - the central actuator or the dual actuator

Product Details

Active rear axle steering AKC®

The rear axle steering system AKC® changes the rear wheels' toe angle in such a way that a steering function ensues. As a result, this increases for instance the maneuverability during parking, at low speeds and in city traffic. This is enabled by the rear wheels' turning in the opposite direction. Similarly, the vehicle's turning radius is reduced. The rear wheels' turning in the same direction, on the other hand, stabilizes the vehicle at high speeds (60 km/h and above), especially in evasive or lane-changing maneuvers.

Depending on the requirements and available constructed space, two variants come into operation: the central- and the dual-actuator principles. The central actuator (also called the single actuator) is installed in the center of the axle and steers both wheels via the toe link. In the dual-actuator principle, each wheel is individually steered by a separate actuator.

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