Automatic Transmission

8-Speed Plug-In Hybrid Transmission

Fully charged: plug-in-hybrid system for passenger cars

The best of both worlds: Plug-in hybrids combine the range of a combustion engine with a locally emission-free electric drive. ZF offers hybrid technology to automotive manufacturers in the form of a modular kit to meet their exacting requirements.


  • All functions of the standard transmission plus the advantages of the electric drive unit
  • Integrated starting element fits into the available installation space
  • Integrated electric pump (IEP) with an output of just 85 watts reduces the load on the ob-board supply system
  • Electric motor cooled either by water or transmission oil
  • Separating clutch with low drag loss decouples the electric drive from the combustion engine, which, in turn, increases the range in electric mode
  • Only 30 millimeters additional installation space compared with the standard transmission
  • Optimized torsional damper, even for three-cylinder engines
  • Compact electric motor with a peak output of up to 90 kilowatt and 250 newton meter torque (Plug-in)
  • All-wheel drive compatible

Product Details

Plug-in-hybrid system for passenger cars

ZF's modular kit provides solutions for the entire range of hybrid vehicles – covering everything from individual component through to the entire system: starting with the mild hybrid, that already supports a host of hybrid functions, the lineup extends to the full and plug-in hybrid systems, which feature highly powerful electric motors and suitable power storage devices, putting them on a par with the all-electric range and speed of pure electric vehicles. A hybrid-capable basic transmission based on the triedand-trusted, volume production 8-speed automatic transmission 8HP forms the basis for ZF's modular hybrid kit. ZF supplies electric motors in various output ratings – depending on the hybrid application. This lineup is highly compelling for automotive manufacturers looking specifically for components for their custom solutions rather than an entire hybrid system including transmission.

The best of both worlds: Plug-in hybrids combine the range of a combustion engine with a locally emission-free electric drive. ZF has developed a plug-in complete system for this drive configuration that sets a new benchmark in terms of all-electric range and speed compared with existing full-hybrid systems. Ranges of up to 50 kilometers and a top speed of 120 km/h in all-electric mode: ZF's highly integrated plug-in hybrid transmission enables hybrid vehicles to operate like pure electric cars. All thanks to a highly integrated complete system in which the transmission, hybrid module, and power electronics are perfectly matched to each other. At the heart of the hybrid drive is the electric motor that boasts peak output of 90 kilowatt and torque of up 250 newton meter.

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