Digital Competence for the IndustryZF@HANNOVER MESSE 2016

The HANNOVER MESSE is the most important industrial fair worldwide. In 2016, 5.000 exhibitors deal with trends all about industrial technology under the heading “Integrated Industry – Discover Solutions”. ZF is part of it and presents fascinating innovations of tomorrow.

ZF Intelligent Mechanics

Digitalization – a development that changes the economy. This enormous technological change gives ZF the opportunity to enter new markets. ZF accepts this challenge and combines mechanics, electronics and digital technologies for industrial applications. With this "Intelligent Mechanics" ZF shows some highlights around connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive maintenance at HMI 2016.

Facts & figures ZF@HMI:

  • Period: 04/25/16 to 04/29/16
  • ZF booth: hall 17, booth B42
  • Predictive Maintenance: Area & Showcases, hall 17, booth A38
  • TechForum: 04/25/16 to 04/29/16 daily at 11 am and 3 pm at ZF booth
  • Initiative Tec2You: 04/28/16 at ZF booth
  • Partner country: USA

Product Highlights ZF@HMI

Openmatics & deTAGtive logistics

Openmatics – The Connectivity Specialist of ZF Services.

At HMI, ZF Services‘ connectivity specialist Openmatics is presenting „deTAGtive logistics“, a data platform with which transports can be better monitored and documented. openmatics’ “deTAGtive logistics” means ZF Services is able to comprehensively check valuable cargo. In this way, the user-friendly software documents all details of sensitive transports, for instance whether the required temperature range was maintained or whether vibrations may have compromised the cargo.

deTAGtive – The core element of the interactive technology

The “deTAGtive” tags are high-power monitoring specialists. Thanks to Bluetooth Smart Technology, battery-powered sensors with a surface area smaller than that of a business card can be easily installed anywhere and they range up to 30 meters– without extensive cabling.

Three different tags are available:

  • TAG 1 enables location information and identification
  • TAG 2 shows additional information about acceleration and impacts, temperature and light
  • TAG 3 also measures air humidity

Industrial applications & mobile machines

Moves mining vehicles with a weight of up to 800 tons: With the industrial gearbox GPT-1300 mining excavators can be moved with ease.

By taking over the large-gearbox business of Bosch Rexroth AG, ZF is complementing its portfolio for industrial applications and mobile machines and offers a wide range of industrial, drive, winch and swing gearboxes for industrial applications and mobile machines. With the travel drive for mining excavators ZF presents a product highlight of the portfolio of its new Business Unit Industrial Drives with headquarters in Witten at the HANNOVER MESSE 2016 trade fair for the first time.

Technical information

  • Standard drive gearbox configuration
  • two-step planetary stage
  • Spur gear input stage
  • Adaption for two hydraulic motors with internal static brake each
  • Output over ring gear housing
  • Nominal torque of max. 1,300 kNm
  • Permanent machine operation time, start and stop operation mode
  • High radial load on carrying axle

Potential identified – IoT@ZF

Internet of Things: The intelligent combination of mechanics, electronics and digital technologies is decisive for developing adequate solutions for the mobility trends of the future.

The simple purchase and sale of products in the “Internet of Things“ becomes a product and service world in which value-added services relating to the original product are made available to the customer. Customers also increasingly consume services as required instead of permanently buying them. In this way the business models and requirements on a product also change. ZF is aware of this development and is basing its implementation of the new technology on three pillars: The efficiency in production will be substantially improved, the networking ensures the optimization of products and the development of new products and services is based on digital business models.

ZF Intelligent Wind Gearbox

More yield, reduced downtime and less service costs – the ZF “Intelligent Wind Gearbox” plays a pioneering role in this regard.

ZF introduces the concept of the “Intelligent Wind Gearbox” as a contributor to the overall vision of “Intelligent wind turbine performance management”: With this series of innovative approaches ZF shows how advanced sensor technology and data analytics increase the efficiency and reliability of wind turbines.

Technical information

  • State-of-the-art features to sense real loads and health status during operation as well as new methods to reduce service bills
  • Increase in yield through advanced load monitoring and at the same time life-time extension
  • The utilization of predictive info-streams generated from integrated devices and sensors enable remote monitoring of gearbox operation and health status, as well as early detection of possible faults
  • Reduction of wind turbine downtime through optimized planning of preventive maintenance actions such that unplanned downtimes can be avoided
  • Efficient planning of resources needed in case of repair interventions

Further trends ZF@HMI

ZF Concept Cockpit

The vision of autonomous driving is one of the essential forces pushing automobile advancement toward greater safety and increased comfort. One key to it is reliable and clear communication between the driver and the vehicle. ZF unveils four innovative approaches to the human-machine-interface (HMI) as part of its Cockpit Concept at HMI:

1: A special steering wheel with hands on detection
2: A touch display with realistic key simulation
3: A new, highly precise facial and emotion recognition feature
4: Actively responsive and communicating seat belts

Electrical wheel drive

Improved traction, increased driving safety, ground conservation – At this year’s HMI ZF presents an electrical single-wheel drive for agricultural applications as well as for commercial vehicles. With the electrically driven wheel hub units ZF engineers have developed an innovative driveline solution for applications which is suitable for professional applications with the highest requirements.

ZF E-Drive

ZF E-Drive: Technical information

  • Electrical single-wheel drive for agricultural applications
  • 400 V AC engine
  • 15 kNm maximum output torque
  • 50 kN maximum wheel load
  • Integrated brake

ZF Electrical portal axle

ZF Electric portal axle: Technical information

  • Liquid-cooled asynchronous motors
  • 400 V AC engine, articulated bus with only one drive axle possible
  • 2x 125 kW peak motor performance
  • Environmentally beneficial: clean with a low noise level
  • Flexible: for hybrid and energy sources such as fuel cells, overhead contact lines, and battery-powered operation

TraXon with PreVision GPS


The anticipatory GPS-based driving strategy PreVision GPS will prove to be an absolutely trailblazing innovation. ZF thus gives truck manufacturers the opportunity to link up the moulary designed ZF TraXon transmission with GPS data and digital map material. The intelligent networking between the transmission and the GPS system enables an anticipatory driving strategy that ideally adapts shifting points to the gradient and length of uphill and downhill slopes.

TraXon transmission system

Technical information

  • Added value for medium and heavy special vehicles and mobile cranes
  • Reduced transmission noise
  • Highest transmission efficiency in class
  • Maximum transmission ratios for less fuel consumption
  • Less customization efforts thanks to the platform design
  • Tailor-made and comprehensive system solutions for all applications
  • Reduced mechanics concept and modular design facilitate service and repair

ZF-Servoplan planetary gearset

ZF-Servoplan transmissions excel through their low-play gearing and thus, they are especially suited for exact, accurate positioning tasks.

The ZF-Servoplan planetary gearset was developed for being directly attached to servomotors. Thanks to different sizes and a basic modular design, it can be used in almost all areas of automation technology. 1 and 2-stage servo drives with ZF-Servoplan transmissions are applied wherever highly dynamic and exact positioning is required. The servo-controlled transmissions together with the servomotor provide a coaxial input and output. By means of a force locking clamp coupling, the servomotor's output shaft is connected to the sun gear of the servo-controlled transmission. This sun gear drives three planetary gears in a planet carrier. They move on a ring gear with internal gearing. As a result of the allocation to three planetary gears, the forces are distributed evenly resulting in a very compact design with high power-to-weight ratio.

Technical information

  • Target output torques of 25 to 3,000 Nm
  • ZF-Servoplan transmissions are working in a highly precise manner, with great dynamics, and guarantee exact and accurate reproducibility
  • Machinery energy costs are decreasing thanks to the transmissions’ high level of efficiency
  • They offer stable production processes and maintenance-free operation

Two-speed manual transmissions Duoplan 2K 450 and 2K 600

A solution for each requirement: The new Duoplan 2K 450 and Duoplan 2K 600 two-speed manual transmissions complete ZF's 2K transmission series for machine drives.

The new Duoplan 2K 450 and 2K 600 two-speed manual transmissions now complete ZF’s product range as latest innovations. The transmissions, that can be delivered as of now, are designed for nominal input torques of 450 or 600 Nm and thus complete the 2K series for Machine Tools which already covers torques up to 300 and over 800 Nm. ZF now offers more than ten different transmission variants for several applications and installation positions with the expanded product range. With their help, motors with installation dimensions of 100 to 280 millimeters axle height can be operated; the range of the transferred power is between 19 and 120 kW, the range of the nominal input torques is between 120 and 1,200 Nm.

Technical information

  • High torques at low rotational speeds while processing hard materials
  • High speeds in the upper speed range while processing soft materials
  • Increase in efficiency and cost-effectiveness of mechanical engineering companies thanks to an optimally adjusted motor/transmission unit, which reduces energy consumption significantly

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