TopoDyn Life - Continuous Shift ProgramFor all route profiles

With TopoDyn Life, a control software system developed specially for EcoLife, the transmission adapts the shift characteristic to the particular route profile during travel. Shift points are calculated in consideration of topography, current load and acceleration values, and variable drive resistance parameters, such as carriageway surface and bend angle. When the bus is driving on plane track sections, TopoDyn Life automatically selects the most economical shift characteristic. When the terrain becomes steeper, the software seamlessly adapts the selection of shift points to the appropriate gradient.

TopoDyn for Ecomat - Fuel Savings of up to 19 Percent

Tests of TopoDyn have shown an impact on fuel consumption.

Many international tests of TopoDyn and the classic ZF Ecomat automatic transmission have already shown what an impact terrain-dependent shifting has on fuel consumption. This combination of an economical transmission and intelligent transmission control can achieve fuel savings of up to 19 percent. During travel, TopoDyn has up to five shift programs with pre-defined switch points at its disposal. These can be selected on the basis of the particular terrain profile alongside vehicle data such as number of revolutions, load and acceleration values.

TopoDyn Life for EcoLife - Continuous Shift Program

Fuel savings with ZF's continuous shift program TopoDyn Life

Meanwhile, TopoDyn Life, the next generation of intelligent control software, has a continuous shift program. How does this help? The transmission no longer relies on shift points dictated by the currently active program, but independently ascertains the power required and changes gear when the driving situation demands it. In this way, TopoDyn Life and EcoLife can save yet another 5 percent more fuel than the tried and trusted combination of ZF Ecomat and TopoDyn.

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