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EcoLife in the Coach

Powerful with up to 2,300 Nm

Hilly roads, narrow curves, large inclines with reduced motor power, then back to intercity or city traffic. Stop and go. Slow driving. Frequent braking and acceleration. That's why there's EcoLife Coach.


  • Low life cycle costs in demanding application
  • Fuel consumption and comfort advantages thanks to power-shifts without tractive force interruption
  • Starting converter – simple maneuvering and slow driving without clutch wear
  • Easy continuous retarder braking thanks to dual cooling system

Product Details

Powerful and universally applicable

Coach transmissions have to do a lot. This is where EcoLife Coach demonstrates its advantages over manual and automated transmissions – with 25 percent more torque and designed for a much longer service life, challenging roads and slopes. Up to 2,300 newton meters of torque and 6 speeds ensure high average speeds at low engine speeds thanks to a higher constant axle ratio. That means the engine can always supply full torque without disengaging and engaging the clutch, and without losing speed during gearshifts.

The standard integrated TopoDyn Life drive program makes a major contribution by activating the right gearshift strategy to deliver optimum fuel consumption based on the topography and driving resistance. The brake force is adjusted automatically. Fuel consumption and noise development remain at a low level. The primary retarder does not depend on the output speed, which is why it delivers maximum deceleration almost up to standstill.
The dual cooling system with transmission and retarder heat exchanger reliably protects against overheating, which extends oil change intervals.

The torque converter used in the improved EcoLife transmission is even more powerful than its predecessor. With its reinforced converter cover, it is designed for engine torques of up to 2,300 newton meters. The converter clutch significantly helps cut fuel consumption. After a short start-off phase, the torque converter is bypassed, which guarantees maximum energy efficiency. The standard torsional vibration damper reduces shift speeds so that the engine can run at lower speeds. This enables slow maneuvering without clutch wear.

Overview of the current versions of EcoLife, ZF's 6-speed automatic transmission:

Input torque
(Nm / Lb/ft)
Ratio spread*
6 AP 1000 B**61000 / 7388.07-0.62; R4.23
6 AP 1200 B**61200 / 8868.07-0.62; R4.23
6 AP 1400 B**61400 / 10338.07-0.62; R4.23
6 AP 1600 BS***61600 / 11808.07-0.62; R4.23
6 AP 1700 B61700 / 12557.40-0.62; R4.23
6 AP 2000 B62000 / 14707.40-0.62; R4.23
6 AP 2300 B62300 / 16966.39-0.62; R4.23
Product OverviewAxle & Transmission Systems for Buses & Coaches (PDF, 7.3 MB)

* Incl. maximum converter torque ratio at the moment of setting off - depending on converter type

** also available with start/stop feature

*** always with start/stop feature

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