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EcoLife in the City and Intercity Bus

Making urban life liveable

Start, stop, start, stop: city traffic is often a pain. Relieve the stress with our EcoLife 6-speed automatic transmission - the uncompromising solution in any application. That goes for economy as well as ecology.


  • Fuel economy with innovative stop/start function over the entire transmission service life
  • 6 gear steps ensure operation in the optimum speed range at all times
  • TopoDyn Life driving resistance-dependent shift control
  • Stop/start function fully integrated into the same installation space
  • Top braking power with integrated primary retarder and dual cooling concept

Product Details

EcoLife instead of compromise

Suitable for all buses. Whether in city or intercity operation, EcoLife is the ideal transmission for any application.

The powershift transmission has an optimal gear ratio spread combined with especially high mechanical efficiency. The torque converter lock-up clutch closes shortly after set-off to use engine power effectively. Combined with the torque converter ratio, the six gears produce a maximum total spread of 12.5.
TopoDyn Life shift software controls the gear shifts. As the topography changes, this program always selects the right gear, while also taking into account all other driving resistance values.

The hydrodynamic torque converter with standard turbine torsional damper enables high input torques at low engine speeds. This cuts fuel consumption by up to 5 percent compared with automatic transmissions with fewer than 6 gears. It also reduces the noise level.

The integrated primary retarder is incorporated into the vehicle's brake management system and supports high braking power even at low speeds. This effectively reduces the strain on the vehicle's service brakes. The dual cooling system with transmission and retarder heat exchanger reliably protects against overheating and extends oil change intervals.

The biggest challenge in congested urban areas is driving with lots of short stops of under 20 seconds. This is also where the greatest potential for savings lies. Now, after extensive hardware and software enhancements, EcoLife with a torque of up to 1,600 newton meters is fully stop/start-capable. As a result, the transmission system manages an unlimited stop/start frequency in city traffic. That adds up to another fuel saving of up to 10 %.

Overview of the current versions of EcoLife, ZF's 6-speed automatic transmission

Input torque
(Nm / Lb/ft)
Ratio spread*
6 AP 1000 B**61000 / 7388.07 - 0.62; R 4.23
6 AP 1200 B**61200 / 8868.07 - 0.62; R 4.23
6 AP 1400 B**61400 / 10338.07 - 0.62; R 4.23
6 AP 1600 BS***61600 / 11808.07 - 0.62; R 4.23
6 AP 1700 B61700 / 12557.40 - 0.62; R 4.23
6 AP 2000 B62000 / 14707.40 - 0.62; R 4.23
6 AP 2300 BC****62300 / 16966.39 - 0.62; R 4.23
Product Overview:Axle & Transmission Systems for Buses & Coaches (PDF, 7.3 MB)

* Incl. maximum converter torque ratio at the moment of setting off - depending on converter type

** also available with start/stop feature

*** always with start/stop feature

**** EcoLife Coach

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