ZF Technology for Buses

Hybrid Transmission


CeTrax - electric drive instead of combustion engine

The CeTrax electric central drive can be integrated simply into vehicle designs with a conventional driveline layout and is suitable for both solobuses and articulated buses. The ZF system with inverter and the EST 54 electronic control unit with proprietary ZF software provides vehicle manufacturers with a system package that is designed for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Developed for demanding inner-city applications
  • Driveline designs: hybrid, fully electric (fuel cell or battery) and overhead contact line
  • Electric motor with integrated, tried-and-tested planetary stage from ZF-EcoLife
  • Use of standard axles with common ratios
  • High peak and continuous power through liquid cooling
  • All-electric, zero-emission driving

Product Details

Future-proof system solution for urban public transport

CeTrax enables vehicle manufacturers to pursue a single platform strategy for the driveline of conventional and electric-powered buses. Compared with conventional bus transmissions, the installation position and connection to the driven axle remain the same. All of which means the combustion engine and transmission can be replaced by the CeTrax central drive without having to modify the driveline layout. In this respect, CeTrax requires even less installation space than a powershift transmission. Batteries can be installed in the vehicle separately from the driveline.

CeTrax can be combined with all conventional driven axles.

Up to 300 kW of drive power means articulated buses as well as solobuses can be powered.

The drive consists of an electric motor and a downstream planetary stage. This stage is the same as in the EcoLife, with thousands of successful units already to its name.

The three-phase current asynchronous traction motor of the ZF central drive is water-cooled, making it suitable for high peak and continuous loading.