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AVE 130 System

Zero-emission driving through the city

The AVE 130 electric portal axle with integrated wheel hub drive is the solution for electric buses, hybrid buses and trolleybuses. Zero-emission, all-electric driving will become possible. Suitable for both solo and articulated vehicles. The ZF system with inverter and the EST 54 electronic control unit with proprietary ZF software provides vehicle manufacturers with a system package that is designed for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Developed for demanding inner-city applications
  • Driveline designs: hybrid, fully electric (fuel cell and battery), and trolley line
  • Compatible with the low-floor axles AV 132 and AVN 132
  • Opens up innovative passenger compartment design options and new bus concepts
  • High peak and continuous power through liquid cooling
  • Purely electric/Zero-emission driving over longer periods of time
  • Significant fuel savings in city traffic

Product Details

Future-proof system solution for urban public transport

Hybrid solutions and various types of energy-efficient all-electric drives reduce pollutant and noise emissions in city and intercity buses, which entitles them to enter the green zones in the cities.

The AVE 130 electric portal axle is ideally suited to various drive concepts for city buses: whether as a serial hybrid, all-electric drive powered by a fuel cell or battery, or from the trolley wire. The increased use of brake energy or - in combination with hybrid drives - the use of smaller combustion engines helps to considerably reduce fuel consumption and emission of pollutants in comparison to conventional concepts. Lane-independent, zero-emission driving is now also achievable in the city. This enormously increases cost-effectiveness and availability for use.

Each wheel is driven by a compact, high-speed, liquid-cooled asynchronous motor to keep the axle weight including the integrated motors low. As no separate engine or propshaft are required, this reduces the amount of space required and the vehicle's weight. The extra space allows room for a more powerful battery or an upgrade of the vehicle's interior in order to transport more passengers.

No special wheel components are required with the AVE 130. The tire-rim combinations used in normal buses as well as the standard disk brakes can both be used. The brakes are fitted in the same low-maintenance position as with the standard axles.

ProductAVE 130 Elektric Portal Axle
Vehicle width (mm)2,300 - 2,600
Axle load max. (kg)13,000
Output torque (Nm / lb/ft)2 x 11,000 / 2 x 8,100
Engine performance max. (kW)2 x 125
Wheel speed max. (1/min)485
Tire size (Standard)275/70R22.5
Wheel size (Standard)22.5“ x 8.25“
Brakesventilated disk brakes
Axle weight * (kg)1220
Motor2 x asynchronous motor
3 x phase
Nominal voltage400 Veff
Product OverviewAxle & Transmission Systems for Buses & Coaches (PDF, 7.3 MB)

* Total axle system weight including suspension arms, all rods, air springs and shock absorbers

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