Cruising PleasureComfort in Commercial Vehicles

Comfort is not just pure luxury in buses. As is the case with all workstations, the driver‘s cabin in commercial vehicles must enable fatigue-free and healthy work. Suitable driveline and chassis technology help drivers to remain alert, even during long driving periods.

Bus trips going green

The bus is becoming more and more attractive as a means of transport all over the world. No surprise: In the field of passenger transport, no other transport system consumes less fuel per passenger and kilometer traveled. However, the bus as a means of transport cannot win against individual transport with the environmental factor alone. The times when passengers only cared about getting from A to B are gone. They now also expect comfort when traveling by bus – and this goes much further than seat coverings and air conditioning. It starts with comfortable boarding, continues with a barrier-free path through the passenger area, and, last but not least, consists of an untroubled ride without bumps and jolts.

With ZF axles and independent suspensions, uncomfortable bus rides belong to the past. They ensure that passengers are relaxed when arriving at their destination with city buses and coaches. Transmissions such as EcoLife also contribute to more comfort: They shift through the gears without jerking, even when the driver accelerates rapidly, and keep the engine at a low speed, which is not only good in terms of consumption; it is also great news for the ears of the driver, passengers, and residents.

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