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Welcome to the website of Zukunft Ventures GmbH. It is the mission of this ZF subsidiary, founded in 2016, to drive strategic change forward within the Group, to provide quick access to key technologies and to establish a link to knowledge and future competences.

With this rapidly growing venture capital company, ZF is underpinning its claim as a leading innovator. At the same time, the Group is complementing its diverse activities to drive innovation and identify disruptive technologies at an early stage. Zukunft Ventures invests in innovative technologies to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility. These result from the automotive megatrends “efficiency”, “safety” and “autonomous driving.”

Through Zukunft Ventures, start-ups in particular have a unique opportunity to get fresh capital. However, small companies that are already established can also benefit from a strong partner like ZF at their side. In turn, ZF gains easier access to future technologies, enabling the Group to be a step ahead of the competition.

Subject Areas of Zukunft Ventures Challenges of Tomorrow’s Mobility That we are Already Facing Today


Resource shortages and the associated rise in raw material and energy prices are an important driver for future mobility solutions. Zukunft Ventures invests in technologies that pave the way for more efficient and environmentally compatible mobility.


New mobility solutions, and above all autonomous driving, are associated with new challenges for all road users. Zukunft Ventures supports the development of new safety solutions – especially in regard to active safety. Maximum safety is a prerequisite for acceptance of automated driving.

Autonomous Driving

The transition from human-controlled vehicles to autonomous driving is imminent. In the coming years, we as systems supplier will have to master many technical challenges for our customers. Zukunft Ventures fosters new developments to shape the new way of mobility.

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Managing Director

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