InnovationsA Driving Force

In all areas of driveline and chassis technology for cars and commercial vehicles, rail vehicles and marine applications, and in many other vehicle and industrial applications, ZF products are synonymous with quality and innovation. The innovative technical solutions form the basis for the market success of ZF products.

New Technologies

Manufacturers expect innovative products from ZF to distinguish their companies and vehicles from the competition. The focus is increasingly on functions for improved driving dynamics, comfort and safety, with fewer individual components or systems. This involves comprehensive expertise from suppliers and a clear understanding of dynamic relationships in the entire vehicle. In addition to global standards and efficient processes, it requires in-depth cross-departmental cooperation and a high degree of integration with external partners.

Innovation is not a Means to an end

The focus at ZF is consistently on customer benefits. The objective is to supply products that offer maximum value-added for vehicle manufacturers and customers. Technological innovations have to bring returns: for vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators and drivers – as well as for the environment and society.

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