Reliability in Components

Innovation, product quality, reliability, availability and cost reduction are ZF Wind Power’s long standing key parameters to deliver strong products. ZF Wind Power is continuously developing new enabling technologies, processes and designs focussing on these key parameters. The R&D efforts aim at constantly proving and improving performance of wind turbine gearboxes to yield an increased overall operational availability of wind turbines and a further cost reduction of wind energy.

Core activities

  • In-house manufacturing of all gears and housings.
  • Specific in-house gear technology, based on invaluable know-how accumulated over decades of operational experience.
  • Best in key technologies: heat treatment, gear grinding, machining of large castings.
  • Year after year improving of productivity, delivery times, quality.
  • High-precision manufacturing and careful handling during assembly and pre-testing are mandatory for smooth and reliable operation in field conditions.

Robust bearing technology

Bearing technology in wind turbines and especially in the drive train is very challenging due to the dynamic behavior of the application. ZF Wind Power bearing configurations are designed to withstand even high dynamic loads at an average load level. Even reverse dynamic loads are taken into consideration.

ZF Wind Power introduced the concept of integrated tapered planet bearings, where the outer ring of the tapered planet bearings has been integrated into the planet. This solution reduces the number of components, especially the failure prone components, thereby increasing robustness of the planetary stages. ZF Wind Power’s integrated and preloaded bearing solutions are tested in actual size on a dynamic bearing test rig (unique test rig size in the world) in order to guarantee failure-free operation of this bearing solution.

Robust gear technology

Based on 90 years of gear manufacturing ZF Wind Power has become industry leader in gear technology. ZF Wind Power keeps gear manufacturing in house in order to maintain high process knowledge and control. Case hardening of all gears is standard. Ring gears are nitrided in order to achieve superior surface and material quality of the gearing.