Product Features at a Glance

Our products feature European design combined with indigenized manufacturing. This ensures high quality products at competitive price levels and at proximity of our customers.

Cost effective designs

ZF Wind Power gear units have a compact design, optimized for high torque density and power to weight ratios, without compromising performance.

Perfect match with the application

Our custom-built designs, consisting of planetary and helical gear stages, torque arm or torque reaction plate and hollow input shaft with shrink disc, provide ideal load transmission to the nacelle structure and are reliable and easy to install.

Minimum lifetime cost

With a high availability and minimum downtime, our products ensure a short payback of your investment in wind power.

Reliable operation

Investment in wind power goes hand-in-hand with reliability to ensure the required return on investment. In order to continue providing high-quality products for the international wind market, we strive for manufacturing excellence, total reliability and technological innovation. Through extensive design experience and by performing all manufacturing activities in-house, ZF Wind Power has achieved an excellent reliability track record of almost 35 years.

Low and high temperature versions

Depending on the location of your wind turbine, the temperature inside the nacelle can vary. To provide the highest reliability at all times, low and high temperature version are available, featuring for example extra heaters for the low temperature versions and higher capacity coolers for the high temperature versions.

Low noise and vibration levels

Our “Microns Matter” philosophy results in low noise and vibration levels. The vibration level of our 2 MW wind turbine gear units would be considered as “best in class” for a 100 kW machine according to the general industry standard ISO 2372.

Trouble-free lubrication

Forced lubrication with high grade filtered and cooled gear oil guarantees the best conditions for a long and predictable lifetime for all bearings and gears. A controlled oil flow with a minimum oil level in the gear sump guarantees further high efficiency of the gearbox. Even dry gearboxes without any remaining oil level are possible to achieve best overall efficiency.

Ready to install

Depending on your turbine needs, gearboxes can be equipped with a purpose designed lubrication system, featuring an electrical and mechanical pump, filters, oil-to-air coolers and sensors. Electrical wiring, a switch box, metal external piping, a sheet metal brake disc cover and a shrink disc delivered with the gearbox are also available. All these together provide our customers with a complete worries-free package to be installed in the turbine.

Easy maintenance

Large inspection covers ensure easy maintenance and inspection on-site by partly disassembling the gear unit in the nacelle. Critical spare parts are available on short notice, to guarantee short repair times.


ZF Wind Power has the know-how, as well as the manufacturing and testing capabilities to design and produce large multi-megawatt gearboxes required for offshore use today.

ZF Wind Power has built up a large fleet of operational wind turbine gearboxes during the last decades, both in onshore and offshore applications. This fleet represents an important experience base, which enables feedback from lessons learned to be incorporated into the design process.

ZF Wind Power has a proven track record of over 10 years in the offshore wind energy application, with almost 40% of the offshore turbines equipped with ZF Wind Power gearboxes. Our offshore gear units are especially designed for mission critical applications in harsh offshore environments. ZF Wind Power aims at becoming a leading player in the offshore wind market for the upcoming 6 MW and, over time, up to 8 MW medium-speed wind turbines.