A Broad Product Range on a Global Footprint

ZF Wind Power is a globally established designer, manufacturer and supplier of reliable, custom-built gearboxes for multi-MW wind turbines with a power capacity ranging from 0.85 to 8 MW.

The ZF Wind Power product range at a glance:

  • Product power scale: 850 - 8,000 kW
  • Ratios: 38 - 127
  • Torques rotor shaft (generator based): 350 - 8,000 kNm
  • Weights: 5,000 - 85,000 kg

Innovations of great value

ZF product designs combine planetary and helical gear stages, with optimized dimensioning of bearings and shafts and continuous oil circulation through the bearings. These technologies ensure excellent strength and torque capacity, surface durability and low noise performance as well as optimum bearing life under specified loads, thereby contributing to the gear unit’s long, trouble-free working life. The complete core technology for the production of wind turbine gearboxes is kept in house. All production steps (machining of housing/planet carrier, gear cutting/grinding, hardening etc.) are controlled by adequate quality equipment, to avoid any deviation (100% quality assurance).

A proven track record

ZF Wind Power invests in core manufacturing activities such as assembly, testing, heat treatment, gear grinding and housing machining. We use dedicated and fully integrated production facilities, building on 90 years of experience in gear and gearbox manufacturing in all kinds of industrial applications and almost 35 years in wind turbine gearboxes. Performing all critical activities in-house allows us to have full control over quality at all stages of production. We believe this is an essential prerequisite to delivering the high-quality serial products with constant performance characteristics required by the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers.

Global footprint

ZF Wind Power currently operates four state-of-the-art manufacturing plants with an annual output capacity of more than 10,000 MW. The company has a global footprint with a manufacturing presence in Germany, Belgium, India, China and the US, worldwide sales and service operations and a 1,500 strong workforce.