Tires and WheelsFinal Finishing and R&D Test Rigs

One Unit for All Tests: The New Generation 5


Today‘s production of passenger car tires incorporates 100-percentage testing as part of the default quality assurance, including tire uniformity tests. In addition to this, premium manufacturers also measure the static and dynamic imbalance as well as the geometry of the tires. On the basis of the obtained measuring results the tires are categorized into different quality classes and at the same time tires with safety-critical failures such as bulges or undulations are sorted out by using modern laser measurement technology. This elaborate process has been immensely facilitated thanks to the use of the ZF LUB test rig (Low Speed Uniformity Balancing Machine). The ZF LUB enables to carry out all mentioned test requirements with only one facility and at the same time reduces operating costs by up to 45 percent. Based on this type of machine also Stand-Alone Uniformity (ZF-LU5) and Balancing (ZF-BAL5) machines are available and can be combined to a line concept. The new Generation 5 is optimally adapted to the present and future market requirements and combines highest measurement accuracy with low operating costs as well as low space requirement. Special attention was given to simple maintenance.

Fully Automatic Test Run – the Flexible R&D Test Technology


Research & Development as well as production test rigs by ZF offer all kinds of testing methods required by tire manufacturers for being able to ensure a quick development and a certified quality assurance. Speed and load tests, tests of the noise level and of comfort characteristics or measurements of response behavior under various operating conditions are just a few examples for the simulation of realistic situations with ZF test systems. Research and Development test rigs, which are flexibly controllable and variable in size, enable a high reproducibility of test conditions.