Worldwide Service Quickly and Effectively

Comprehensive Customer Support

We know the importance of high-tech test systems for our customers, especially when they are directly integrated into the production process. Our range of services is focusing on these requirements. We offer our customers rapid and straightforward support in case of urgent need or as part of maintenance and service contracts. Consequently a smooth operation of the test facilities after delivery is guaranteed at any time.

A maintenance contract is the safest way to ensure smooth operation even after many years, since regular maintenance and calibration are the key factors to secure reliability and quality. Customers who want to carry out maintenance and repair work by themselves can attend an advance training course held by the staff of ZF Test Systems. Based on this training and using our extensive documentation they will then be able to take care of the service work. The required spare parts will be supplied by us rapidly.

A remote maintenance of the test facilities by modem connection is also possible. Additional support is offered by the ZF-Helpdesk, with our experts from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software programming providing assistance on the phone. And if it comes to the crunch, the international ZF service team is quickly at your disposal on site.