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Strong competition drives container port operators to improve their ports‘ overall profitability and efficiency. The innovative ZF-AS Tronic mid transmission offers both advantages for terminal tractors, and as a result boosts the port‘s competitiveness.

The competition for shipping lines drives terminal operators to improve their profitability and as such their efficiency, productivity, and fuel consumption. With the increase in environmental awareness, reducing emissions becomes increasingly important. In addition, terminal tractors face a tough stop-and-go working environment while running nearly 24/7. Thus, it is also crucial to keep downtime at a low level. Knowing your requirements, we at ZF developed an innovative, high quality transmission that not only allows you to address this challenging environment successfully but that also outperforms its competitors. The AS Tronic mid.

The ZF-AS Tronic mid transmission

The cutting-edge know-how of ZF‘s highly qualified engineers has resulted in the AS Tronic mid which comes along with various benefits for your terminal tractors. It improves the tractor‘s productivity and efficiency and provides for reduced fuel consumption. The latter is up to 10 % lower compared with similar products from competitors. After a payback period of less than one year* for the initially higher investment in this transmission, fuel savings will boost the port operator‘s profit.

A further benefit for your tractors are lower downtime periods. The AS Tronic mid has been compared with other transmissions in tests. The test results clearly revealed the advantages of the AS Tronic mid: three times longer oil change intervals, no oil filter change, and one and a half times longer overhaul periods.

Highlights AS Tronic mid

  • Longer oil change interval*
  • Longer overhaul interval* (1.5 x)
  • Less maintenance and lower downtime*
  • Individually tuned transmission: 4 out of 12 speeds
  • Enhanced productivity and performance
  • Better economics and lower emissions

*Compared to similar products from competitors such as current fully automatic transmissions.

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