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Automatic Transmission


Fit for the future - with the new, modular TraXon transmission

TraXon is the answer to increasing fuel prices and more stringent environmental regulations. One basic transmission with optional modules can deliver the optimum solution for every application.


  • Basic transmission can be combined with five different modules
  • Different driving programs can be changed automatically
  • Anticipatory driving strategy with PreVision GPS
  • Engine-dependent PTO for ultimate loads and toughest applications
  • Torque converter clutch for zero-wear setting off with the heaviest vehicles

Product Details

The world's first modular transmission concept

The TraXon basic transmission

The compact, robust design and the highest transmission efficiency in its category make the basic transmission the new standard in terms of efficiency. The intelligent software ensures an optimized shifting strategy and permits groundbreaking technology for special applications.

The single or twin plate clutch

Effective transmission of power and a long service life make this starting module the perfect choice for both long-distance traffic as well as construction site transportation.

The engine-dependent PTO module PowerDivide

Irrespective of the clutch actuation status, this module ensures quick readiness for use for the most diverse applications. In doing so, this module is characterized by superior load capacity – even in continuous use.

The TraXon Torque heavy-duty module

The torque converter clutch module enables heavy load vehicles or construction site vehicles to launch quickly and, at the same time, is gentle on the transmission and driveline.

PreVision GPS

The intelligent networking between the transmission and the GPS system enables an anticipatory driving strategy that ideally adapts shifting points to the gradient and length of uphill and downhill slopes.

Software-based additional features

A variety of software functions can be integrated into the automatic transmission control that are tailored to the specific applications and increase the added value for the user.

Overview of the current ZF TraXon versions

ProductSpeeds forwardsInput Torque (Nm / lb*ft)Ratio spread
12 TX 2610 SO122,600 / 1,91712.92-0.77; R 12.03-2.04
16 TX 3440 SO163,400 / 2,50714.68-0.82; R 14.14-2.54
12 TX 3420 SO123,400 / 2,50712.92-0.77; R 12.03-2.04

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