ZF Technology for Special Driveline Solutions

Automatic Transmission

8 TX

Robust Lightweight for Oil and Gas Production

If you are looking for an automatic transmission system for stationary pumping stations used for oil and gas production, you no longer have to make compromises: With the new 8 TX, ZF has presented a newly developed innovation which is both lightweight, powerful, and durable thanks to its unique design.


  • Application-specific design provides optimum performance for well-servicing in the oil and gas industry
  • Speed independent power shifting capability maintained even at high loads
  • BENCHMARK: By far the best power-to-weight ratio worldwide (2,600 hp vs. 2,806 lbs)
  • BENCHMARK: Lightest transmission across comparative classes: Dry weight of only 2,806 lbs / 1,273 kg, including coupling
  • Light resilient coupling, no torque converter: Minimal heat build-up, thus enabling smaller cooler design and minimal power loss
  • High input torque: 7,744 lbft (10,500 Nm): utilizing full engine torque curve
  • Full and wide range of gears (speeds)

Product Details

  • Perfectly designed for oil and gas production operations
  • Robust, compact and lightweight transmission (1,273 kg / 2,806 lbs)
  • The most lightweight transmission of its class (up to 2,600 hp / 10,500 Nm / 7,744 lbft)
  • Highest flexibility by high coverage with 8 gears
  • Unique design without torque converter
  • Systematically designed for maximum performance

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