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Jobs of all kinds, maneuverability even on difficult terrain, constantly changing work sites – ZF provides transmission technology that quickly, safely, and economically increases the performance of mobile cranes and special vehicles both at work and on the road. To do this requires flexibility.

The multitalented ZF transmissions can perform various functions. And our transmissions, shifting software, and operating concepts are customized. In the process, our company relies on its comprehensive know-how. We have access to various product areas, and in each case we can integrate the best transmission components into a perfectly fine-tuned system adapted to individual customer needs. The ZF transmissions for mobile cranes and special vehicles give a moving performance indeed.

Our customers are always moving things and they want to get to the top – not just with their crane motors, which have other tasks to manage, but in the figurative sense as well. What you need are partners who are flexible and ready to fulfill special requests to develop “exceptional” solutions in quality and performance. We offer transmission technology dedicated to the function of the individual vehicle: technology that works flexibly, precisely and economically, is comfortable to operate and generates movement reliably.

ZF Products in Mobile Cranes and Special Vehicles

A Success Story Continues ZF TraXon - The modular transmission system

It is a transmission platform with optional modules for different driving applications and satisfies the most challenging requirements. Prepared for intelligent networking with other vehicle systems, and to set new standards in the areas of efficiency, comfort, and application diversity.

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