ZF Technology for Industrial ApplicationsProducts of Great Value.

Innovative and Custom-Made

In more than three decades, ZF has evolved into an expert for developing and manufacturing tailor-made driveline technology for Industrial Applications. Renowned manufacturers trust in our competence and product quality.

The focus of development and production activities is on servogearboxes for automation technology, two-stage manual drives for machine tools, as well as customized drives, for instance for printing machines or robotics applications. The range of innovative products covers low-play servogearboxes (ZF Servoplan), robust two-stage gearboxes (ZF Duoplan), as well as hysteresis applications that transfer torque without contact (ZF Tiratron).

Even under continuously high machine loads, ZF industrial drives work in a highly reliable and precise manner. Their size is so small and their weight so low that they can be smoothly integrated into the respective manufacturing concept. Low-scale maintenance efforts and longevity guarantee high availability.

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Drive solutions for a wide range of industrial demands.

ZF Products for Industrial Applications

ZF Technology in machine tools, escalators, couplings, brakes as well as customer specific solutions.

ZF Technology - Products of Great Value

Tens of years of intensive cooperation and development work with renowned machine manufacturers worldwide have made us what we are today. Know-how, product quality, and precision combine to create a perfect, flexible unit. Thanks to our experience, we know all about the requirements in mechanical engineering and work closely with our customers to offer tailor-made drive solutions.

Furthermore, our engineers constantly interact with the ZF Research and Development Center and utilize state-of-the-art technologies to continue to find even more innovative solutions for mechanical engineering and plant engineering. The internal company processes at ZF demonstrate a high level of quality that is recognized within the automotive industry. Competence and process quality that benefit our customers.

Markus Müller, KAM

Key Account Manager of the product linie Industrial Drives and Positioning Systems – why ZF products?

Stay with the winning products.

Markus Müller, Key Account Manager @ ZF Friedrichshafen AG

ZF Duoplan Two-Speed Gearboxes for Machine Tools

"ZF Duoplan: Know-how, product quality, and precision combine to create a perfect, flexible unit".

Miao Qiucheng, Key Account Manager @ ZF China Ltd.

ZF Servoplan Planetary Gearboxes for Servomotors

“ZF Servoplan: Precision in Movement.“

Zhang Meng, Key Account Manager @ ZF China Ltd.

ZF Tiratron Hysteresis Brakes and Clutches, Safety Brakes and Clutches, Electronic Control Unit (ERM) for Industrial Applications

"ZF Tiratron: Non-contact torque transmission - constant and free of any wear."

Leyi Zhang, Sales Manager @ ZF China Ltd.

ZF Products for Industrial Drives and Positioning Systems

"Years of Experience.

German Engineering.

Great Innovations.

Universal Service."


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