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Pump systems in petroleum and gas production must work in a particularly uniform manner. Constant torques as well as a stable pressure and flow rate are therefore key requirements that must be met. At the same time, safety, cost-effectiveness, and the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions also play a significant role in the application of modern hoisting and conveying technology.

Unintended speed fluctuations can destabilize the suction volume as well as the delivery pressure which, in a worst case scenario, can endanger the entire drill hole and lead to the interruption or even the failure of the conveyor line. Therefore, transmission systems that ensure a constant smooth operation, even under extreme pressures, torques, and application conditions and, as a result, sustainably minimize the risk factors are even more important.

This functional diversity places the highest of demands upon the driveline, especially the transmission. It must be designed for powerful engines with a high input torque, gear changes must take place under full throttle without a tractive force interruption and "bucking". Furthermore, the transmission must be space-saving, light, and easy to assemble.

Thanks to the experience stretching back almost 100 years in the field of driveline technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG also offers intelligent, tailor-made, and utilization-optimized drive solutions for this market segment.

ZF Products in Conveyor and Pumping Systems

Handling the big Horses ZF 8 TX - The new Transmission for High Pressure Pumping

The new ZF 8 TX automatic transmission for oil and gas production: lightweight, powerful, and durable – designed for the application in pumping stations.

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