ZF Repowering Retrofitting for Increased Profitability

Replacing the driveline with ZF driveline technology pays off: ZF EcoWorld reduces the fuel consumption of Diesel Multiple Units in public transport and regional traffic by up to 20 percent.

If public transport and regional traffic train operators want to stay on the right track for success, their vehicles must run cost-effectively for as long as possible. For Diesel Multiple Units, fuel costs alone make up two thirds of the vehicles’ total life cycle costs. Fuel consumption is therefore a constant challenge for operators, a challenge just waiting for ZF EcoWorld.

ZF’s Repowering solutions aim at reducing fuel consumption and thus life cycle costs and at extending the service life of the rail vehicles. In the repowering process, outdated driveline technology is replaced by modern, efficiently working driveline components.

Generate fuel savings of up to 20 percent with Repowering

ZF EcoWorld has been specifically developed for the Rail market, it is based on EcoLife automatic transmissions that have been used extensively in bus transport for many years. It has been optimised and adapted so that its advantages are extended and focused on rail vehicle needs. The torque converter makes the starting process efficient and ensures optimal acceleration, while all gear changes are made without tractive force interruption. The transmission which, compared to hydrodynamic transmissions, weighs considerably less, has six fine-tuned mechanical gears working to keep the engine in the best possible economical speed range. Fuel consumption, carbon emissions and operating costs are all significantly reduced.

Benefits of ZF EcoWorld

  • Totally new ZF development for the Rail market
  • Fully integrated reversing function
  • Fuel savings of up to 20 percent compared to hydrodynamic transmissions
  • Very compact, lightweight design
  • Unrestricted towing and coasting function


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